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Bioware confirm that Mass Effect 3 offers gay storyline

Bioware's Casey Hudson revealed in an interview recently that the upcoming Mass Effect 3 game will offer same sex relationships for male players, for the first time.

The first two Mass Effect games were criticised by gay right groups for not allowing main character Shepherd the opportunity of pursuing relationships with members of the same sex. In the previous game it was possible to have girl on girl action, but the men could only date the ladies.

Mass Effect 3: now suitable for both gay man and women

BioWare's reasoning was that Shepherd was designed as a strictly straight character and the girl on girl relationship didn't actually mean anything, as one of the females was an ‘Asari', an alien race. It just helped that the Asari were actually rather attractive blue skinned aliens with a tendency to like female humans. Gay male gamers felt annoyed at this, as they wanted their characters to be able to bed other blokes.

Casey, who is development lead on Mass Effect 3 has good news for people who were annoyed before, saying on his Twitter page “I'm Happy to confirm that Mass Effect 3 supports wider options for love interests, including same-sex for male and female characters, reactive to how you interact with them in-game.”

Dragon Age tackled the ‘same sex' relationships and there were videos all over Youtube showing various characters ‘getting it on' in front of the fire when camping. How Bioware will handle Mass Effect 3 couplings remains to be seen, but we hope that it is handled with a modicum of decency.

KitGuru says: You can bet that someone will patch the PC version to make it ‘fully' nude.

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