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Duke Nukem Forever gets first review. but will it be banned?

You might not believe this, but the first review of Duke Nukem Forever have been handled by an Australian publication. What does the game offer? the same crude witty one liners and semi naked ‘chicks’. You betcha.

The Australian Classification Board have given the game a MA15+ rating last month due to the sex, drugs, violence and toilet humour. The full report of the game is available here as a PDF, but please be aware this will contain spoilers, so don’t email me complaining if you click the link. We will also discuss some of the game elements below so if you don’t want to read any spoilers, close the page.

Operation 'cock block'. Classy.

In a rather interesting addition to the game, Duke can ‘piss’ in various locations within the game environment and can pick up feces he finds in toilet bowls and throw it about, hitting characters in the game with it. We kid you not. When he throws the fecal matter he exclaims “what sick motherf—er picks up wet feces” and “what am I? A monkey?” The player can also urinate inside the eye socket of an alien general. This really sounds like a fun game for the whole family.

The game contains a lot of violence, which seems to be a refreshing change from the above toilet related attacks and there are many futuristic weapons on offer such as a Shrink Ray and Freeze Ray. Duke also finds an alien lair with trapped human women inside it, who have been impregnated by the attacking alien race. Many of the women are semi nude and are cocooned on the walls.

The game also contains strong sexual references which could mean it gets banned in certain countries. Fellatio is implied as women ‘pleasure’ Duke, he meets a stripper who asks him to locate a condom and vibrator. There are glory holes cut into cubicle walls and Duke can get lap dances by strippers. Duke can even fondle the womens breasts.

We wonder is the actual game any good?

KitGuru says: all in good fun or a little more than we need to see in a game?

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