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Facebook’s upcoming photo application ‘leaks’ online

Facebook are due to release a photosharing application, according to documents which have been seen by TechCrunch.

This new, upcoming application will enhance the experience for the end users, allowing tagging and sharing of photos via Facebook and it also appears to build in functionality which has been integral in the success of popular photosharing applications such as Color and Instagram.

TechCrunch mention “the location elements, likes and comments, multi-picture mode, filters, multi-user albums, face-tagging, and more”.

This application is set to improve Facebook as being the worlds largest photosharing website in the world, despite it not being marketed as a main feature of the social network. They store over 100 billion images, which is no mean feat!

Thanks to the development of new digital camera technology, tagging is becoming more popular. The new application is built specifically for the Apple iPhone however it will assuredly be ported over to other smartphone operating systems in the near future.

Kitguru says: There is no confirmed name yet for the software, although internally the program is being called ‘Hovertown’ and ‘With People’.

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