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Firefox 4 already receives more downloads than IE9

Microsoft boasted that Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded 2.35 million times in the first 24 hours of release, however this pales in comparison to the figures that Mozilla have said that Firefox 4 has received in the same time period.

Mozilla claim that Firefox 4 was downloaded 4.7 million times in the first day – it now says well over 5 million when we checked this morning, it is still counting as we speak. This may knock Internet Explorer 9 into touch, but it doesn't yet quite match the 8 million that Firefox 3 received when it was released.

To be fair, many of the installs of Firefox 4 will come from people ‘upgrading' the browser, and Mozilla aren't counting them on the Mozilla glow site so it could already be well over 10 million users who have installed the new browser.

Firefox 4 brings a whole new list of features, new security and privacy options, faster loading and JavaScript, support for new standards including WebM Video and WebGL 3D graphics, and 3D acceleration that extends even to Windows XP.

Mozilla claim that over 400 million people are using a version of Firefox and its growing all the time, however all the major browsers are getting hit hard by Chrome, which already accounts for 10 percent of the browsing population.

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