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Internet Explorer still dominating market share

Internet Explorer is still leading the market share charts according to research organisations StatCounter and Net Applications. It still holds a 51.87 percent market share according to Net Applications and 38.65 percent according to StatCounter. Enthusiast users tend to change browser, while the mainstream audience use the primary browser installed on the operating system, which in most cases is Internet Explorer.

Second place is the exciting battle, as Firefox is having to fend off some serious attacks from Google’s Chrome browser. Net Applications claim that Firefox is holding second place with a 21.83 percentage, compared to 19.11 percent for Chrome. StatCounter have posted surprise results which claim that Chrome is actually already in second place with 27.27 percent compared to Firefox at 25.27 percent.

Apple’s Safari browser holds fourth place at 4.97 percent, according to Net Applications, and 6.08 percent according to StatCounter.

Kitguru says: We expect Chrome to claw a bigger percentage in 2012.

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