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Apple may release two versions of iPad 3 – one mid range pricing

As with all upcoming Apple products, rumours on the iPad 3 have been circulating now for months. The latest news we have heard is that Apple will be releasing two version of the new tablet, with one model aiming at the lower price segment, close in price to the Amazon Fire tablet.

The new flagship iPad 3 is said to have a super high resolution screen with 2048×1536 resolution, but the latest news would indicate that Apple are planning a smaller version with the same resolution as the current iPad 2 (1024×768). Digitimes are suggesting that their sources say both machines will be using the A6 processor.

As expected, pricing is just guesswork right now, but Apple seem keen to take some sales back from Amazon, who are dominating the lower price sector with their $199 Kindle Fire. We can’t see them releasing a model costing any less than $299 as they won’t adopt the Amazon strategy of ‘lose money on launch and recoup on application sales later’. Amazon are said to lose $5 from every sale of the Fire, to keep the price at the sweet point of $199. We think if they can get the entry level model starting at $299 they may very well cause a few problems for Amazon.

Kitguru says: Apple seem to have Amazon in their line of fire. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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