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12 inch Steve Jobs action figure to go on sale

Steve Jobs has left an impressive legacy behind, and many people are wondering how Apple will fare over the coming years without the iconic leader calling the shots. To celebrate his life, a company have made a lifelike action figure which may find room on the shelves beside other toys such as Action Man and Optimus Prime.

Inicons have created a 12 inch action figure and they are showing their prototype on their website. The website is very slow today due to a high volume of traffic but the company claim that the ‘final product appearance and colors may vary’. The level of detail is very high, with the trademark glasses and clothes adorning the model. His pose is typically ‘reflective’ of the man himself.

Incredibly realistic 12 inch model of Steve Jobs

We aren’t sure if the Steve Jobs family have had any input on this model, but they may very well find it offensive and try to block sales to the public.

The price of the model is $99 and they list the following features when purchased:

  • one realistic ‘head sculpt
  • two pairs of glasses
  • a ‘highly articulated body
  • three pairs of hands
  • one tiny black turtleneck
  • one tiny pair of blue jeans
  • one tiny black leather belt
  • one chair
  • a backdrop with ‘one more thing
  • two tiny  sneakers
  • two apples (‘one with a bite’)
  • & two tiny black socks.

Kitguru says: Will this become a collectible, or will the Apple estate block sale of the product before it gets to retail?

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  • Ron

    That really is creepy looking. who would want that? bizarre


    Ok.. now i know the perfect Birthday gift for a couple of mates