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Test Drive 2 Unlimited causes backlash among gamers

Test Drive 2 Unlimited has been a much awaited game from Eden Games/Atari, however since it was released, the community has been up in arms due to bugs, which make the game basically unplayable.

Eden Games, the developer have said they are aware of the issues, some of which are network reliant game components which have been causing huge issues with the online element of the title. They have been taken completely offline while they work around the clock to sort out the code. It begs the question, why was the game released in the first place with broken code? Eden Games are taking the issue so seriously that they are pulling coders and developers off other titles to help solve the plethora of issues with the game. Some of the staff have apparently been working around the clock, without leaving the offices the situation is that dire.

The network issues unfortunately aren’t the end of the problems, as people have been reporting corrupted save game files, freezing at the loading screen before the game starts up and a free downloadable bonus car has not been showing up in the game. Playing online with friends so far has been virtually impossible.

Eden Games seem to be taking the online backlash very seriously and have been extremely apologetic and responsive to members on forums, both official and unofficial.

Much of the fault must lie with the publisher – Atari games who have released the title in a semi broken state, after all it does their name no good if they are seen to be behind titles which should never have made primetime release.

There are many forum threads online, debating and discussing the problems and threads such as this, highlight that some people are extremely disappointed and even want their money back. One thing is for certain, when the ‘Atari’ name is seen on a high profile game, people might not be willing to jump in head first as early adopters, especially with online elements involved in the core game design.

KitGuru says: Atari may very well start offering free content for the game as a peace offering, once they get the major issues fixed.

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