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Qualcomm announce quad core 2.5ghz Snapdragon – APQ8064

Qualcomm have announced a new quad core chip at the World Congress event, which can run at speeds up to 2.5ghz, designed for next generation tablets.

This new quad core design is set to compete directly against nvidia’s Tegra 3 system on a chip. The new APQ8064 has the same design as the APQ8060 but has increased the speed up to 2.5ghz and doubles the processing cores to four. This 28nm architectural design is the first in a new family of upcoming Snapdragon chips based around the codename ‘Krait’. It also includes a new quad core Adreno 320 graphics processor with up to 15 times more performance than the original Adreno GPU it replaces.

Qualcomm HQ

If Qualcomm’s claims are true, then the new range has 12 times the performance while drawing up to 75 percent less power for improved battery life.

Qualcomm’s Luis Pineda said “We’re excited about the new, innovative devices the APQ8064 will enable in the market, With its Wi-Fi integration and ability to seamlessly interface with Qualcomm’s 3G and LTE modules, the APQ8064 will provide OEM’s with a flexible, cost-efficient and fast time to market platform that can meet all of their design configuration needs for tablets and next generation computing and consumer electronic devices.”

KitGuru says: release dates are not yet set, but this technology will surely be powering some of the more high end upcoming tablet designs.

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  • Tim

    Some of the upcoming mobile technology looks really very exciting. we havent even seen Fusion laptops yet.

  • Ortogonal

    ARM architecture and hardware developers smartness will sweep any x86 system very very soon, just hope os’es to keep the track.

  • Kieran

    Looks cool, but i bet it wont be released until late 2013 if not 2014 and even later for it to become popular amongst devices, i would be very interested in a tablet this powerful in 2014 once my current begins to die off a bit