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More Portal 2 content due in summer

Portal 2 has been a huge success for gaming aficionados Valve, sales have been high thanks to both critical and public approval of the puzzle based 3D mind melter.

Doug Lombardi, Valve’s Vice President of marketing says that the studio are already working on new downloadable content which is due to be released within the next few months.

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“We will be announcing some DLC for it, so folks can keep a look out for more content coming this summer,” Lombardi said “We’ll be putting more details out about that in a week or so.”

KitGuru gaming reviewer Terry Franklin has joined the ranks of critical acclaim by giving it a score of 5/5, saying “Portal 2 is a complete success and easily one of the best games of all time, never mind this year.”

KitGuru says: Have you been enjoying Portal 2? Are you struggling to beat it? many people have been resorting to videos on Youtube for guidance due to the difficult nature of the final few levels.

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