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You can kill Bin Laden yourself now with online game

With the high profile death of Bin Laden, a new episode of the Kumar War Series of online games allows gamers to assassinate Osama Bin Laden by taking command of a Navy Seal. You can break into the compound in Abbottabad where he was hiding and kill him.

This Kumar War series will allow gamers to recreate episodes of the ‘War On Terror' and the latest episode features Bin Laden and his last moments. The player arrives by helicopter and then after fighting through enemy soldiers you get the opportunity to kill Bin Laden.

Kuma's CEO Keith Halper said there is “a tremendous amount of data' about the location and that they built the area up to make it a convincing 3D environment for gamers to enjoy. The ambient details haven't been forgotten “Sounds — dogs barking, helicopters' orbits, pyrotechnics — those are important too.” he adds.

There are also multiplayer options, and gamers can even defend the compound if they wish, although we doubt this would prove popular with many American gamers.

Halper says “Bin Laden was a bad man, and people feel relieved that he is gone. To be able to recreate his death is just an added bonus. The SEALs didn't know where Osama was and neither will you; every corner is a potential death trap and each must be explored to find your target. Players will see all the key elements first-hand and gain a knowledge of the operation that would be difficult to obtain through traditional linear narratives.”

Apparently real life marines and soldiers are enjoying these games:

“This game actually makes me flash back and think about the war and the aftermath….But that's not necessarily bad. Being that I will be going back to Iraq for a 3RD tour, I'll say that it's much better fighting from my PC behind a desk then actually slinging lead at each other.”

SGT from HHC 1/64 Armor,
3rd Infantry Division(M)

Interested? you can play it yourself over here.

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