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Beatles finally make it to itunes – but are they overcharging?

Many thought it actually might never happen, but Apple have finally managed to get The Beatles music for sales on iTunes. It may not seem like such a breaking headline, but the effort to get their music as downloadable tracks has been a long and labourous process for Steve Jobs and the gang.

Apple now offer all 13 remastered Beatles albums and three major post breakup compilations as ‘multimedia enhanced iTunes LP’ downloads.

Pricing, as always is an issue and people have highlighted that you can buy their CD’s for $3-$5 less from online stores in the States. This is an ongoing aspect of the iTunes that many people find irritating – especially when some of the TV shows are compared to boxed sets available in retail stores. Surely digital media in downloadable format should cost less than physically available methods.

Almost four years ago, Apple announced that it would stop requiring ‘digital rights management’ restrictions on iTunes downloads, just a few months after Apple and The Beatles Apple Corps record label had resolved a long running dispute over the similar names and logos. 18 months ago Apple then ditched DRM entirely from the iTunes Store and at the exact same time The Beatles catalogue was remastered for another release on CD.

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal for most of us, This is the first time that you can legally download The Beatles collection from Itunes. It was a long time coming, but it is a shame they seem to be charging over the odds for the work.

KitGuru says: Are you going to purchase them from the iTunes store or not?

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