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Brian May confirms Guitar Hero Queen

Well it was a long time coming but it appears that Queen guitarist Brian May has confirmed an upcoming release of Guitar Hero Queen. The legendary, multi faceted musician has been one of the world's leading rock guitarists for many decades and it is good to see a British band getting involved in this franchise.

I was involved in album photography for Queen years ago and some of my work features on the back cover of “Return Of The Champions” (I get credited under my name Allan Campbell), additionally some of my photography also features on a slideshow on his website.

I have spoken to Brian on occasion over recent years – he shares a keen interest in stereoscopic imagery and was very interested in an article I had written regarding nVidia implementations on the subject.

I sent Brian an email a while ago asking about Guitar hero and his secretary basically confirmed the rumours but wouldn't go into any specifics.

The estimated time of release is Q1-Q2 2011 and according to several sources Brian may is going to be involved in the development of the game on various levels, much in the same way as Metallica did with their release some time ago. This should certainly assure a higher level of quality throughout the title.

KitGuru says: Time to get out your wigs and practise the tricky Brighton Rock solo.

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