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FireFox 4 preview – best browser yet?

Mozilla are showcasing the next major version of their brilliant browser – CEO Mike Beltzner has webcast the plans for Firefox V4 and then he posted the presentation on his blog.

Mike was keen to point out that these are just plans and that the end product could very well end up being quite different in key areas. He was however adamant on three key goals.

1: Speed improvements.

2. Offering new open standard technology such as HTML 5.

3: Easy to use control over browser settings.

Firefox is still the primary competitor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer however other browsers such as Google’s Chrome have the potential to take marketplace percentages over the next year.

“Usually software producers don’t present these sorts of plans until they are finished, but Mozilla is a little different. We work in the open, socialising our plans early and often to gather feedback and build excitement in our worldwide community.” said Beltner.

Firefox 4: fast, powerful and empowering

KitGuru says: We look forward to the release and expect great things!

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