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Club3D GTX400 series announced

For all you fans in green Club 3D have announced their new range of GTX 400 series graphics cards. While they have made their announcement a little later than most it won’t affect their sales too much as it is only recently that stocks have shown up in retail from any nVidia partner.

Club 3D have released both cards using the nVidia reference design which means the GTX 480 has 480 Cores and runs at 700mhz for the GPU, 1401 shaders and 3696mhz for the 1536mb of GDDR5 attached. This operates on a 384-bit memory interface.

The lower end GTX470 is once again a reference clocked card which is 607mhz for the core, 1215mhz for shaders and 3348mhz for the 1280MB of GDDR5. This runs on a 320-bit memory interface.

KitGuru says: Both cards are due for release soon and pricing should fall in line with what would be expected.

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  • Club3d? who the hell are they?!

  • Club3d are quite well known in Europe, not elsewhere. Pretty run of the mill company, never do anything cool or extraordinary.

  • Never heard of them, I tend to stick to evga and sapphire for cards.