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Cut price GTX470 already appearing on sites

As we reported yesterday, nVidia is prepared to pull out all the stops to re-take market share from AMD in the tough graphics market. Information KitGuru heard about the latest round of price cuts was that the GTX470 could be cut by over 21%. Searching the big sites today, we …

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AMD Radeon HD 6870 benchmark performance

KitGuru is old in the tooth and likes naming conventions which don't change. With the launch of the Radeon HD 6000 series, AMD has altered its naming strategy. The high end cards will now be the 6900 series (due November) and the 6800 cards that we're looking at today, will …

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GTX485 Launch: Less hot and noisy in the sack?

nVidia's Bill Dally wants Fermi cooler and quieter

While we all like the idea of hot lovers, GPU hotspots are a killer. Each generation of chip gets more and more complicated, creating unwanted ‘electrical friction’ – with billions of microscopic components interacting in unpredictable ways to generate current loss and heat. However, give an engineer time and he …

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nVidia Xmas sale starts early on GTX470/480

Jen Hsun Huang nVidia Price Drop

KitGuru spends far too much time trolling bars and eavesdropping on conversations. We admit it. We need help. However, in the meantime, when we frequent the ale houses of Theale, it's always possible to hear something juicy. Especially about price drops. Supping on cider at 22 Church Street, Theale in …

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EVGA readies 1,200w PSU for SLi @ Computex

KitGuru has noticed that (almost) every company now wants to make (almost) every product. Not 100% – but close. EVGA has long been associated with high end graphics cards, so what else did they have hidden on the 17th floor? “Where to stick your brand?” is a common question for …

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Club3D GTX400 series announced

For all you fans in green Club 3D have announced their new range of GTX 400 series graphics cards. While they have made their announcement a little later than most it won't affect their sales too much as it is only recently that stocks have shown up in retail from …

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Inno3d announce GTX470 ‘Hawk’ – 22c cooler

Inno3d have just announced their new Fermi designed card which features a massive custom cooler – they are claiming reduced temperatures of up to 22c which is rather incredible if accurate. The Inno3d uses a cooler which devours a whopping 3 slots and uses two 80mm fans and a centered …

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