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KitGuru’s predicted GTX480 price drops starts to kick in

KitGuru has big ears and we keep them close to the ground. As a result, we hear a lot of juicy stuff and, naturally, feed it to our readers first. So what’s happening with the GTX480 pricing? Read on…

Over a week ago, KitGuru heard from channel sauces that nVidia was slashing prices on the GTX480.

We then heard that nVidia was preparing a 720MHz GTX485 with an improved design and, possibly, the result of a new tape out.

We’ve just heard that British Telecom’s online store, DABS (from David Atherton Business Systems) has slashed £50 off the Asus GTX480 card.

£50 off now... more if you wait?

As the GTX480 price moves closer to £350, we’d expect that to leave a nice space for the GTX485 at just over £400.

KitGuru says: Any GTX480 buyers who listented to KitGuru’s advice and put off buying that GTX480 will have been quids in now that the price cut is starting to bite.

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