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Join SAPPHIRE Select Club and Get one of 5,000 APB: Keys to the City!

Join SSC as a Gold member and get your key for APBs Key to the City pre-launch event! Whet your appetite for this extraordinarily persistent online multiplayer game from Realtime Worlds. Your key gets you unlimited access to APB's Social District, where you can customize your character with multiple characteristics, and five hours* of free pulse-pounding game play in the Action District. But hurry, keys expire Saturday, June 19, 2010. Get it here !

*Play must be completed by Saturday, June 19, 2010. Keys are not valid after this date.

About the game:
Imagine a living, breathing, modern city. Put this city online and populate it with thousands of players. Their mission: to gain fame and fortune, fast. Many will become Criminals, supporting themselves by feeding on the citizens of San Paro. Others will choose to join the Enforcers and feed on the Criminals. Imagine joining in. Which side will you pick? How will you play? The choice is yours.

Key features:

  • Experience fast-paced third-person action in a persistent online multiplayer world Earn money, clothing, weapons, and cars as you play
  • Customize your character to achieve a unique look Master the radically different styles of gameplay; Criminal and Enforcer. Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters and designs
  • Become known as San Paro's premier car thief, clothing designer, death theme musician, or assassin.

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