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CES 2024: Nvidia unveils RTX 40 Super specs, pricing and release dates

At CES today, Nvidia is officially launching three new graphics cards - the RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super and RTX 4070 Super. We can now put to rest a long running stream of rumours and leaks with official details on specs and pricing. New hardware isn't the only thing Nvidia has on the way though, as the company is also launching new software features too. 

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Apple launches iPhone 15 with USB-C

As all the leaks predicted, Apple today announced this year's iPhone and the big change is indeed the addition of USB-C. Due to new EU rules, a universal charging standard must be used by all smartphone makers, prompting Apple to finally drop its proprietary Lightning port in favour of USB-C. …

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Philips launches full range of Evnia displays

Philips first unveiled its new Evnia brand back in October 2022 and since then, the company has gone on to reveal a full line-up of impressive monitors, including some excellent value 240Hz displays and high-end OLED monitors. Now, Evnia has officially launched in the UK.  Evnia has a total of …

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CES 2023: Nvidia launches the RTX 4070 Ti, prices start at £799

Just as promised, Nvidia went live with its CES keynote this afternoon and as expected, the RTX 4070 Ti was officially announced. As many predicted, this is indeed the same GPU we were due to see on the 12GB RTX 4080 graphics card, which was swiftly 'unlaunched' in November following criticism over the 4080 branding and the power difference between the proposed 12GB version and the 16GB version.

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Nvidia seemingly reveals RTX 4070 Ti specs

Nvidia appeared to confirm the RTX 4070 Ti earlier this week through an update to its Omniverse system requirements, which now lists the card as the recommended GPU. Now, another update to the Nvidia website has revealed key specifications.  As spotted by momomo_us on Twitter, Nvidia has updated its website …

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The Razer Edge packs a 144Hz display, 5G and access to tons of console and PC games

A couple of weeks ago, Razer teased the return of the Razer Edge. This time around, rather than being a Windows gaming tablet, the device is positioned as a handheld games console, complete with 5G capabilities for fast access to cloud gaming services. Now today at RazerCon, the company has officially unveiled the system, which also promises some excellent hardware for native gaming too. 

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