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CES 2023: Nvidia unveils new RTX 40-powered laptops, prices start at $999

Today during its CES 2023 keynote, Nvidia officially unveiled the first RTX 40 series GPUs for laptops. According to Nvidia, around 60 percent of Nvidia laptop users have not yet upgraded to an RTX GPU, and the company is looking to change that with its new chips. 

Power and thermal constraints are two of the biggest barriers when it comes to implementing high-power graphics in a portable laptop. With the new ADA architecture, Nvidia has improved efficiency over the previous generation, paving the way for more powerful portable gaming systems and workstations. According to the company, Ada offers a ‘two-third' reduction in power while delivering the same performance, which will in turn lead to better thermals, less throttling and improved battery life for new-generation laptops.

All Nvidia RTX 40 laptops will feature the 5th Gen Max-Q design, featuring the lowest voltage GDDR6 memory possible, alongside other innovations, including high-efficiency on-chip memory, and of course, the ability to switch on DLSS 3, which debuted with the new RTX 40 desktop graphics cards and introduces Frame Generation technology to further boost frame rates. In all, Nvidia says its latest generation of Max-Q is 22x more efficient than the first generation Max-Q laptop GPUs, which shipped just six years ago.

Nvidia will have a full range of RTX 40 laptop GPUs to choose from, starting with the RTX 4050, RTX 4060 and RTX 4070. Prices will start at $999, with availability coming in on the 22nd of February.

The RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 for laptops will be Nvidia's two flagships, offering enough performance to run games at 4K and high frame rates. These laptops will start at $1999, with the first units set to be available from the 8th of February.

With all of that in mind, expect to see a new wave of laptops from companies like Asus, Razer, MSI, Dell/Alienware, Lenovo, HP and others. Intel has also just launched its new 13th Gen Core mobile CPUs, and AMD is also expected to soon announce new Ryzen 7000 processors for laptops too.

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