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Nvidia launches new RTX 5880 Ada workstation graphics cards

Nvidia has recently announced a new workstation desktop GPU, the RTX 5880 Ada. This release is a response to the U.S. export limitations that restrict the shipment of the flagship RTX 6000 ADA GPU to certain countries, including China. However, contrary to the RTX 4090D, the new workstation card will …

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Photos reveal quad-slot design for alleged RTX 4090Ti

While Nvidia has yet to announce a gaming graphics card utilising the full AD102 GPU, it does appear that the company is cooking something up. Following on from previous leaks, new images show a massive quad-slot design graphics card, possibly set to launch as the RTX 4090 Ti, or as …

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Over 35 games and apps already support DLSS 3

Last night alongside the new RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 graphics cards, Nvidia also announced DLSS 3, the next big evolution of its AI-driven, performance-enhancing technology. Continuing on from the success of DLSS 2.0, it seems that DLSS 3 already has quite a bit of industry support, with over 35 …

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Nvidia may sell RTX 30 GPUs alongside RTX 40 series

Since Nvidia launched the RTX 30 series cards, the company has struggled to produce enough supply. As a result, it decided to relaunch the RTX 2060 to meet the increased demand. Now, as the release of the next-gen GPUs approaches, the chip manufacturer expects demand could spike again, leading it to consider selling RTX 30 series and Ada GPUs simultaneously.

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