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Nvidia may sell RTX 30 GPUs alongside RTX 40 series

Since Nvidia launched the RTX 30 series cards, the company has struggled to produce enough supply. As a result, it decided to relaunch the RTX 2060 to meet the increased demand. Now, as the release of the next-gen GPUs approaches, the chip manufacturer expects demand could spike again, leading it to consider selling RTX 30 series and Ada GPUs simultaneously.

According to PCMag, Nvidia CFO Colette Kress was asked about the company's next generation of graphics cards during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom. Kress avoided giving details about the upcoming products but stated that Nvidia is planning to sell the current- and next-gen GPUs simultaneously.

Nvidia already did something similar when it relaunched the RTX 2060 12GB in 2021. Back then, Nvidia stated that the decision to launch the RTX 20 series GPU was to meet the increased demand for gaming cards. However, looking at its specifications, miners were also quite happy with its release.

When the new batches of Nvidia RTX 2060 cards with 12GB of VRAM became available, stock was almost non-existent. As if that wasn't bad enough, the few graphics cards listed for purchase were being sold for nearly twice the GPU's original MSRP. Even today, these cards are sold for about 130% of their MSRP.

Still, may not be the same if Nvidia decided to sell both the RTX 30 and 40 series simultaneously. Currently, RTX 30 GPU prices are decreasing and if current trends continue, a few RTX 30 GPUs should be available at MSRP in a few months time. By the time Nvidia releases the RTX 40 series, RTX 30 cards should finally be available at reasonable prices. 

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