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RTX 4090 Ti allegedly pictured, shows triple-fan cooler

With the alleged release of the RTX 40-series approaching, AIB partners have already started work designing custom coolers. A new photo suggests vendors are well into the prototype stage, with a leaked image reportedly of an RTX 4090 Ti showing a large triple-fan cooler.

The photo shared by Greymon55 is apparently an engineering sample of an Nvidia AD102-based graphics card. As you can see by its plain aesthetics, the card was probably built for testing only, like evaluating the cooling solution's efficiency, stability and more. It's unclear which AIB partner the card belongs to, but the shroud and fan design remind us a lot of the MSI Suprim cards.

According to some extra information given by the leaker, this is an RTX 4090 Ti, using a ‘custom' AD102 GPU. As a reminder, previous rumours have suggested the RTX 4090 Ti would likely pull about 600W of power, so it's only reasonable to use such a beefy cooler to handle the heat generated.

Nvidia is expected to reveal the first RTX 40 series graphics card next month or so, followed by a full launch soon after.

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KitGuru says: Although this card isn't a retail sample, its simple and minimalistic looks would undoubtedly be very welcome by those who don't like gamer aesthetics.

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