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Nvidia may have a new triple-fan reference cooler for RTX 4090 Ti

Nvidia has made plenty of changes to its reference cooler design over the past few generations of hardware. With the next-gen RTX 4090 Ti, we might see another new Nvidia GPU cooler design, this time with a triple-fan setup. 

According to known leaker, kopite7kimi, the new cooler will be used on the RTX 4090 and RTX 4090 Ti reference cards. They also claim that the RTX 4090 should launch in October, followed by the RTX 4080 in November and the RTX 4070 in December.

Based on the rumours that the RTX 4090 Ti could consume up to 600W of power, it wouldn't be surprising if Nvidia did add a third fan to its standard cooler. The RTX 4090 is expected to have a 450W TDP, so the triple-fan cooler may end up being reserved for the Ti flagship.

It is worth noting that rumours of a triple-fan reference cooler also popped up prior to the RTX 30 launch. However, these coolers were only ever used on engineering samples. With that in mind, take this rumour with a pinch of salt, as a similar situation might be playing out.

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KitGuru says: All rumours are pointing towards high-end RTX 40 GPUs requiring a bit more power than the current generation. If that is true, then some cooler revisions will likely be needed. 

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