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RTX 40 series GPUs may be launching earlier than expected

We're almost two years removed from the launch of the RTX 30 series of graphics cards, which means a new generation of GPUs from Nvidia is just on the horizon. The RTX 40 series may even be arriving sooner than expected, according to new reports.  

According to known leaker, kopite7kimi, Nvidia's Ada/Lovelace architecture will debut earlier than expected, pointing to early Q3 as the release period. This means we may see the first RTX 40 series GPUs on the shelves in July or August, a little earlier than the last two generations. With the RTX 20 series, Nvidia launched in August 2018, with availability in September of that year, while the RTX 30 series was announced and launched in September 2020.

Rumours and leaks about the next generation of Nvidia gaming graphics cards have been quite frequent. Fortunately for us, kopite7kimi created a table summarising all the rumoured details about the AD102 GPU. This GPU, which will likely be used on the RTX 4090, will come with a much higher number of FP32+INT32 cores and over twice the L2 cache.

Accompanying the AD102 GPU (AD102-300) on the RTX 4090, the card should pack 24GB of GDDR6X memory at 21Gbps, all in a 450W TDP, according to the leaker. Moreover, the GPU should feature 16,128 FP32 cores and perform twice as fast as an RTX 3090. As per the latest rumours, the RTX 4080 should be based on the AD103 GPU and feature 16GB of GDDR6X at 21Gbps. Lastly, the RTX 4070 could come with a 300W TDP, an AD104-400 GPU and 12GB of GDRR6 memory at 18Gbps.

KitGuru says: Based on Nvidia's history, we should see higher-end SKUs first, with the 4090 coming first, followed by the 4080 and then the 4070. 

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