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Nvidia seems to have a massive quad-slot cooler for an unknown RTX 40 GPU

With a 450W TDP, the RTX 4090 is already more power-demanding than any other mainstream graphics card. However, leaked photos suggest Nvidia was planning to release an even more power-hungry GPU. These photos we're talking about don't show a specific GPU, but we do see the cooler, featuring an absolutely massive heatsink reportedly capable of taming 900W. 

In a recent Chiphell post shared by HXL, a leaker published photos of a 900W TDP quad-slot cooler. It's unclear what GPU would use a cooler this massive – perhaps a new Titan?

Besides giving us a look at the massive heatsink, we also see the card would feature the same X-shaped shroud as other RTX 30 and 40 series Founders Edition cards. Moreover, the photos show the heatsink fins would be parallel to the cooling plate instead of perpendicular. Seeing the cold plate below the heatsink means that either the PCB or the heatsink rotated 90º.

The post author claims he has more photos of this Founders Edition cooler. If those get shared, we may get a better understanding of the cooler's design.

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