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It looks like Samsung has been messing with Windows Update

It looks like Samsung has been messing around with the Windows Update feature on its own laptops, which is causing quite a stir this week. According to Microsoft's Patrick Barker, Samsung has a program titled ‘Disable_Windowsupdate.exe' as part of its own Samsung branded computer update tool called SW Update. It …

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G.Skill announces new 8GB 2133MHz CL11 SO-DIMM kit

G.Skill is looking to push the current envelope as much as possible with the unveiling of its latest Ripjaws kit designed with laptops in mind. That's right, this new high performance DDR3 kit with an 8GB capacity (2 x 4GB) is a matched pair of SO-DIMM, featuring a bandwidth of …

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No SSD? Why are laptop companies so sad?

Since 2010, KitGuru has been driving the notion that all systems should boot off an SSD. With the pricing on SSDs so competitive across the board – and laptop companies telling us how important battery life is – why do the vast majority of notebooks come with a cruddy old …

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Laptop prices have stagnated for 2 years

We have all gotten used to the idea that we work in/around a fast-paced industry where product cycles endlessly spin out new product at lower prices than ever before, but that's not so true in the laptop sector. Even with massive competition from the tablet PC industry, laptops seem to …

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60,000 laptops burn to a crisp

If you find yourself easily attached to electronics on an emotional level (and I'm not just talking about those times when you stroke the side of your iPad with lust in your eyes and whisper, “I love you so much baby”); first of all, you should probably seek professional help! …

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