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Unannounced AMD Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs listed in HP laptops

Not long ago, AMD has announced its Ryzen 5000 Mobile processors, but it seems that there are a few ‘Pro' SKUs that weren't revealed at that time. Now, thanks to a few HP laptop spec sheets and a mysterious benchmark entry, we know about the Ryzen 5 5650U and the Ryzen 7 5850U. 

Featuring AMD Pro technologies for enhanced processor security, the upcoming Ryzen Pro Mobile SKUs are expected to feature the same specifications as their non-Pro counterparts (5850U = 5800U). The AMD Pro technologies suite includes multiple features such as AMD Memory Guard, AMD Secure Boot, AMD Firmware TPM, AMD RNRAND, and AMD AES-NI.

According to the UserBenchmark entry found by @TUM_APISAK, the 8C/16T Ryzen 7 5850U features a base clock of 1.9GHz. Although the average operating frequency was 3.65GHz on UserBenchmark, as per the spec sheet of the HP Zhan 66 Pro A 14 G4, this processor boosts up to 4.4GHz and features 20MB of L3 cache. Neither the UB entry nor the spec sheet informs us about the GPU clocks, but it's expected to feature the same 2.0GHz as the Ryzen 7 5800U.

The HP Zhan 66 Pro A 14 G4 spec sheet also shows there's an option for a Ryzen 5 5650U Mobile processor, which features 6 cores, 12 threads, 19MB of L3 cache, and a boost clock of 4.2GHz. The base clock has not been revealed, but it should be the same as the Ryzen 5 5600U, which is 2.3GHz.

KitGuru says: It seems that AMD has a few more laptop processors up its sleeve to announce. Would any of you opt for a Ryzen PRO powered laptop over a non-pro SKU?

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