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Who wouldn’t want a laptop that looks like a classic console?

Laptops aren’t exactly as vogue as they once were at the moment, weathering the netbook trend of a few years ago and now sitting quietly in the corner while everyone plays with their tablets. But Sega’s Note PC certainly makes me want to get a new one, since it comes with styling straight out of classic video gaming.

The four available versions at the moment (in Japan, boo!) are the classic Sega, blue brushed aluminium look, the Mega Drive (the first one), the Dreamcast and the Saturn. Each one features a paint job that makes it look like the classic consoles, as well as custom sounds, icons and wallpapers.

Sega Laptops
Come on, how pretty are these?

Of course all those – apart from the paint job – are simple software tweaks that you can make yourself with some third party software, but it doesn’t stop me wanting one of these.

You can outfit each of the choices with a variety of different internal hardware options. The low end one offers a Pentium 2020M CPU running at 2.4GHZ, a 500GB HDD, Intel HD graphics and 4GB of DDR3. The next tier has an i3-3120M at 2.4GHZ, a GT650M and 8GB of DDR3, while the top two upgrade the CPU to an i7-3630QM and replace the hard drive with a 120GB SSD.

KitGuru Says: So out for the four which one would you guys pick? I’d be all over that Mega Drive, that console defined by youth.

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