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Warm oceans discovered on Saturn’s moon, could contain life

Although Jupiter's moon Europa has often been considered the mostly likely place in our solar system other than Earth to have life as we know it somewhere within its under-ice oceans, there may be another, more viable contender on the cosmic horizon. Enceladus, a small moon orbiting Saturn, is now thought …

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X2 Saturn 5.1 headset Review

Pretty much every gaming headset maker out there has a surround sound set in their portfolio. Most of these 5.1 and 7.1 offerings are ‘pretenders', they're phony software versions of the real deal. Not so with the X2 Saturn, a true 5.1 surround sound headset with three drivers in each …

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Quadcopters could be used to explore Titan

Who'd have thought that an organisation like NASA, with its tens of billions of dollars of annual budget, would look to what has become a toy industry, for its latest ideas? In a new plan to explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon, NASA has begun discussions of using a small quadcopter, …

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