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60,000 laptops burn to a crisp

If you find yourself easily attached to electronics on an emotional level (and I’m not just talking about those times when you stroke the side of your iPad with lust in your eyes and whisper, “I love you so much baby”); first of all, you should probably seek professional help! – Second of all, it’s probably best you click away from this story before the anguish takes hold.

An immense number of laptops have just perished in an obliterating fire at a warehouse in Lima, Peru – no less than 60,000 of them! Along with those there were also 500,000 school textbooks destroyed. It took firefighters several hours to bring the fire under control by which stage the majority of damage was already done.

The result of this disaster leaves thousands of kids from the poorest parts of the country facing lengthy delays from the distribution of textbooks and OLPCs (One Laptop per Child).

Officials are now demanding that the disaster be intensively investigated with the damage bill said to be in excess of US $100 Million. On the upside no one was seriously hurt by the raging fire and Peru’s ministry of education has already come forward with belief that it will manage to overcome the issues from this extreme loss of inventory. The question is, how soon?

KitGuru says: Luckily Apple wasn’t affected in any way by this disaster. As if we don’t see enough ongoing reasons for delays from them as it is.

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