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Nokia reportedly working on a Windows 8 tablet

Rumour has surfaced that Finnish phone maker Nokia is planning to hit up the tablet PC market later this year with a Windows 8 + ARM entrant.

Very little was said / known by the source about the tablet’s specs at this early stage other than it supposedly being 10-inches and using a Qualcomm dual-core processor (most likely a Snapdragon S4).

Nokia is apparently outsourcing production of its first tablet to Compal Electronics in which the first batch of shipments is expected to total 200,000. While there’s no definitive release date set at this point, it’s been indicated by sources that sometime during Q4 2012 will be the earliest for its arrival.

Sources strongly believe with the likes of Nokia jumping onboard the Windows 8-on-ARM bandwagon that Microsoft will be grinning like a cheshire cat at Google and Apple with their respective counterparts, Android and iOS.

KitGuru says: One thing can be ascertained. The tablet market is going to be more lively than ever in time for Christmas 2012. Question is, how will Google and Apple fare amongst the inevitable tsunami of incoming WoA devices towards the end of the year?

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