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US cargo delivery rocket explodes soon after launch

An unmanned rocket that was on its way to the International space station to drop off several thousand kilos worth of supplies to the waiting astronauts, has exploded shortly after leaving the launchpad. Nobody was hurt in the incident, but it’s expected to delay any future launches at the Wallops …

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Watch out for fake MH17 scam pages

If you’re looking to find out more about the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash over the Ukraine recently, then try not to do it on Facebook, as many of the pages set up in memorial for victims – especially children – are turning out to be scams that send you to …

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Vodafone miniaturises its emergency phone network

Vodafone has been on the forefront of developing kit that’s designed to offer instant mobile network access for hard to reach areas during disasters, but its previous efforts have been giant, bulky affairs that come in multiple boxes, take a while to set up and weigh too much for the …

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60,000 laptops burn to a crisp

If you find yourself easily attached to electronics on an emotional level (and I’m not just talking about those times when you stroke the side of your iPad with lust in your eyes and whisper, “I love you so much baby”); first of all, you should probably seek professional help! …

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Sony restart more plants in Japan: supply problems

Sony were hit hard when the earthquake disaster hit Japan. Latest news has reached us that they have managed to get all but two of their factories up and running again. Sony’s semiconductor last factory in Miyagi prefecture has partially restarted yesterday with other factories coming online over the last …

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