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Samsung assures customers that Galaxy S7’s won’t explode


Samsung has had a difficult time of things the past couple of months. Despite a much publicised recall, the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone it released just kept overheating and exploding. Ultimately it had to scrap the entire launch and call in millions of handsets, costing it billions. Looking to rebound …

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U.S. officially bans Samsung Note 7s from all flights


Just a few days after Samsung and the U.S.' Federal Aviation Administration warned people to turn off their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones before catching a plane, the transport department has stepped in and banned the handset from all flights. Taking one on to a U.S. aircraft will now be considered …

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Samsung wants you to triple box your returning Note 7

Samsung's saga of dealing with smartphones that self-combust might be winding down now that it has officially killed off the flagship smartphone, but it's not quite over yet. It still needs to recall all of the Note 7's out in the wild and to make sure they don't damage anything …

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Samsung halts sales of Note 7 as explosions continue


Samsung has announced a halt to sales of its recently released flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, following continued claims of fires and explosions. Although Samsung has recalled a million+ devices, a number of them which were designated ‘safe,' have still had problems with combustion, forcing the potential recall now …

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Samsung Note 7’s are still catching on fire


If you have received your replacement Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung, we'd still urge caution with the device, as another example of a supposedly safe Note 7 has caught fire. This one happened to be on a Southwest airlines flight in the U.S., just before takeoff, leading to the entire …

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Update: Samsung to recall all Note 7s, halt sales


Update: Following on from the rumour that Samsung would be replacing certain damaged Galaxy Note 7 devices after reports of battery fires, the Korean electronics giant will now recall all sold devices and will halt sales moving forward. Replacement handsets will be issued to affected customers. Samsung has said that it may take …

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Amazon may be developing its own smart eyewear

Amazon this week hired Babak Parviz, a former Google executive who led the development of the company's Glass wearable gadget. Several weeks ago Mr. Parviz was replaced from his position at Google, but remained at the company. Apparently, Amazon has offered the executive better opportunities than his former employee. Potentially, …

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Intel braces for DDR4 impact after Hynix explosions

Whether it was the minimal increase in performance for the Haswell processors or the terrible reception that Microsoft got for shipping Windows without the Start button – the PC market has not been kind to Intel recently. The chip giant's situation could get even worse. KitGuru considers the consequences. Executives at …

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Far East memory shipments on hold after Hynix explosions

Following the huge chemical explosions that took out 15% of the world's memory production a short while ago, KitGuru has now been in contact with several major memory companies and we have been told “Everything is on hold”. As KitGuru reported earlier today, Hynix fabrication plants 1 and 2 (FABs) …

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Hynix FABs on fire after chemical explosion

World DRAM prices are set to rocket as news comes in that Hynix FABs 1 and 2 have been engulfed in a ball of flame following a huge chemical explosion. UPDATE: We have just heard that several major memory suppliers have stopped shipments – read more here. Reports are still …

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Apple pulls in iPad mini for October announcement

The best football teams in the world not only play their own game, they also mark the opposition off the pitch – preventing them from playing THEIR game. While Apple's initial plan was to push the iPad Mini into stores for 12th December, that date has moved ahead of announcements …

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60,000 laptops burn to a crisp

If you find yourself easily attached to electronics on an emotional level (and I'm not just talking about those times when you stroke the side of your iPad with lust in your eyes and whisper, “I love you so much baby”); first of all, you should probably seek professional help! …

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Can you command an HP printer to catch fire?

This time around, we turn the all-seeing VideoScope on claims that hackers can nip around the world, enter your HP printer through its back entrance and plant a command that will cause it to self-destruct. Hot stuff. During the first Iraq war, rumours flew that IBM printers were being used …

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Cubitek Tattoo Fire Mid-Tower Case Review

The most popular cases on the market are mid-tower models as they offer a good compromise between size, features and price.  There is a large amount of competition in the mid tower market, especially around the £50 – £60 mark.  This is the point at which we start to see …

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