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Sony warns 26,000 Vaio laptops at risk of catching fire

Sony has issued a warning today urging users to stop using the Vaio Fit 11A laptop as soon as possible due to a battery fault that potentially puts 26,000 laptops at risk of catching fire. It all comes down to a manufacturing fault found in Panasonic's batteries which now puts around 26,000 laptop users at risk.

Sony has received a few reports recently, the first laptop caught fire in Japan on the 19th of March with more incidents occurring in quick succession. The Vaio Fit 11A was the last model Sony created before announcing plans to sell the business, the company stopped selling the laptop at the start of April in order to limit the number of people at risk.


A total of 25,905 units were sold but Sony is working on a repair and replace program and trying to figure out exactly how many laptops are actually affected, so in the mean time if you own one, don't use it. This isn't the first time there has been problems with Vaio laptops, in 2010 Sony had to recall more than half a million laptops worldwide due to an overheating issue that caused the laptops to warp.

KitGuru Says: It is a little worrying when a huge company messes up like this. Hopefully Sony cracks down on the laptops affected and makes sure nobody else gets hurt.

Source: WSJ

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