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Chargeasap introduce the Flash powerbank

Following on from its successful crowdfunding projects Infinity UNO and X-Connect cables, Chargeasap has announced its latest innovation. The Flash powerbank from Chargeasap is now on Indegogo with pledges starting from £107 for early birds and £115 subsequently. The 60-day campaign will run until 27th March with units expected to …

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Panasonic wants to partner with Tesla on more than batteries


Panasonic has announced its intention to expand its current partnership with electric car marker Tesla, beyond the battery manufacturing deal the two currently have together. CEO at the company, Kazuhiro Tsuga said in an interview that he would like to see the company expand into autonomous driving sensors that could …

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Panasonic aims to knock down OLED with evolved IPS tech


While other companies are focussing on panel technologies like OLED and Quantum Dot, Panasonic has decided to go in another direction and will instead be putting its own spin on the IPS Panel. This week, Panasonic officially unveiled its all new IPS design, using screen technology that offers contrast levels …

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Japanese companies form joint venture to produce OLED panels

Four leading consumer electronics and display panel makers from Japan on Thursday signed a definitive agreement to establish a new company, JOLED, which will develop and eventually manufacture OLED display panels. Japanese makers of displays and TV-sets, with exception of Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp., have never invested a lot …

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Intel’s Custom Foundry division to make chips for Panasonic

Intel Corp. on Monday announced that it has entered into a manufacturing agreement with Panasonic Corp. The world’s largest chipmaker will produce Panasonic’s next-generation system-on-chips using 14nm low-power manufacturing process. Panasonic's future SoCs will target audio visual-based equipment markets (TVs, Blu-ray players, media players, etc.), and will enable higher levels of …

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Panasonic GH4 could offer 4K res for just over 1K pounds

While 3D might be on its knees, praying for Avatar 2 and 3 to save its over-hyped butt, tomorrow's world of 4K delight seems to be a single, inevitable step away. While the TVs can certainly be made available for less than £1,000, there's still the question of content. Panasonic …

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Panasonic squeezes Intel Core i5 processor into a 7” tablet

Panasonic on Tuesday introduced the world’s first and yet the only tablet PC with 7” display that is based on Intel Core i5 “Haswell” microprocessor as well as Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system. The tablet not only sports high-performance central processing unit and fully-fledged Windows, but is also rugged and …

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Panasonic debuts 4k Tablet and HDMI 2.0 TV

Panasonic has debuted the world's first 4k resolution tablet, with a monster 20 inch screen. Boasting that it was capable of displaying an A3 size poster at full size, the electronics maker said that the tablet would be available for sale in Europe very soon. Panasonic hasn't said much about …

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Panasonic to invest $2.7 billion for restructuring


Japanese electronics giant Panasonic, has announced a company restructuring with an investment of $2.7 (£1.8) billion over the next two years, with a particular focus on expanding the company's automotive and housing developments, while scaling back on consumer electronics. It's not clear from this fresh round of investment if job …

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Panasonic to axe 35,000 employees

Panasonic are to cull 35,000 people from their workforce over two years, as they are losing money from restructuring costs associated with damage from the March 11th disasters. President Fumio Ohtsubo has said that the company will streamline operations to boost profitability, including selling some of its business and to …

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