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Optical Drive

From the latest Blu-Ray multi-format burners, to slot drives for laptops, read KitGuru’s reviews and then make your choice.

TSST has stopped manufacturing optical drives

Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST), the joint venture between the two named firms that manufactures optical drives, is no longer making them according to sources familiar with the matter. This has left some third parties purportedly low on stock and could mean just LG and Liteon are the remaining ODD …

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Microsoft almost made the Xbox One discless

With the progress that services like Steam, Origin and Netflix are making these days, many think that packaged media is a thing of the past. Despite this, they continue to play an important role in the industry, but not so much that Microsoft didn't consider removing the optical disc drive …

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Asus launches intelligent new Blu-Ray players

Following on from KitGuru's revelation that Asus has launched the Essence One audiophile amp at CeBIT 2011, we've now spotted a pair of full-spec Blu-ray players. Does this mark the beginning of a sustained Asus-assault on the living room?   You be the judge. OK, so you'd expect a Blu-ray player …

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