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Asus Extreme Slim DVD-RW Drive Review (Model: ESEDRW-08-H)

Rating: 9.0.

If, like me you rarely use an internal optical drive now in any of your system builds, then the product we are looking at today will be of particular interest. The Asus Extreme Slim DVD-RW Drive is only 14mm thick and takes all its power from the USB ports – meaning it will be easy to move between machines without power adapter restrictions. Did we mention that this is the slimmest model available on the market today ?

The ESEDRW-08-H (or ‘Kate Moss’ as we call it in the Kitguru labs) extends full DVD read and write data and content handling to any Windows PC, being especially useful to people with netbooks and those computers which aren’t supplied with an optical drive.

We are one of the first publications to get our hands on this sexy little unit so let us take a look at the specifications and supported formats.

Model number 90-XB1300DR00010- :: ESEDRW-08-H)
Max writing speed DVD-RAM        5X   /  DVD±R            8X
DVD+R DL        6X  /  DVD+RW          8X
DVD-R DL        6X  /   DVD-RW          6X
CD-R            24X  /  CD-RW           16X
Max reading speed DVD-RAM        5X  /   DVD+RW          8X
DVD±R DL        4X  /   DVD-RW          8X
DVD±R           8X
CD-R            24X  /   CD-RW          24X
Operating system Genuine Windows 2000 Professional/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Interface USB 2.0
Buffer memory 1MB
Weight 320 grams
Dimensions 141 x 143 x 14 millimetres
Package contents ASUS Extreme Slim External DVD-RW Drive (with USB Y-split cable)
Quick start guide

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  • Eric K

    Very nice indeed. probably be around £50 when it hits.

  • Tim

    Ah lovely, shall pick this up. I liked the look of the bluray asus drive you reviewed months ago, but I dont need bluray in a portable drive and it was 150 quid. this should be a third of the price, if im lucky 🙂

  • Rufus

    I need one of these and hate hauling around adapters. any ideas when it will be available?

  • Julia

    Will they make them in colors? I have a Sony laptop without a drive, but its red/pink. id like this to match.

  • John Middleton

    I agree, looks like a perfect design. Hopefully they dont charge over the odds, sometimes asus go a bit nuts with pricing.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Thats a very pretty little drive. I need one also, hopefully the price is right..