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Panasonic develops world’s first UHD HDR virtual reality glasses

2019 saw sales of virtual reality headset sales reach a new high with a predicted 14 million devices sold worldwide. At CES 2020, Panasonic launched a new type of virtual reality headgear with the world’s first HDR-compatible VR eyeglasses.

During the Consumer Electronics Event in Las Vegas last week, Panasonic was showing off its idea of what virtual reality headsets should look like in 2020. The company’s VR eyeglasses are the first to feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) and are much more compact compared to what is currently on the market from the likes of Oculus and HTC.

The Panasonic VR glasses are still in development and the devices on show at CES may not represent the finished product. However, they did look pretty impressive and included some innovative new features, such as advanced HDR image processing and high-resolution micro OELD panels, which Panasonic claims are “Screen door effect” free.

With 5G mobile expected to be rolled out across the globe in 2020, a number of new services for VR glasses will be possible. Services such as viewing sports events and virtual travel experiences are expected with the arrival of 5G and these new lightweight and compact VR glasses from Panasonic will be ideal for viewing these new VR experiences.


The main features of the Panasonic VR glasses are UHD micro OLED panels, co-developed with Kopin Corporation, that achieve smooth image reproduction without “Screen door effect”. The Panasonic VR glasses also feature high-quality built-in audio that is delivered to users ear via earbuds featuring Technics original dynamic drivers using magnetic fluid.

Unlike current VR headsets on the market, Panasonic has used their knowledge in other technological areas to compact the VR headset design into a lightweight body that resembles a pair of glasses, enabling the device to be worn in comfort and without the need of a head strap. “The adoption of an optical module newly developed by Kopin Corporation, 3M Company and Panasonic allows the display of natural and distortion-free images in super single focus.” Said Panasonic in an article on its website.

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KitGuru says: These new VR glasses from Panasonic look like a leap forward in VR headset design. It will be interesting to see if other VR headset manufacturers take this design approach in the future and if they will be able to house the technology for VR gaming. What do you guys think?

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