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Panasonic debuts 4k Tablet and HDMI 2.0 TV

Panasonic has debuted the world’s first 4k resolution tablet, with a monster 20 inch screen. Boasting that it was capable of displaying an A3 size poster at full size, the electronics maker said that the tablet would be available for sale in Europe very soon.

Panasonic hasn’t said much about it other than highlighted its size and resolution, pointing out that it runs at 3,840 x 2,560 pixels. Wired highlighted that while the tablet was running Windows 8 when first showed off at CES earlier this year, it’s not been announced what operating system it would be running when officially released.

We do however know that it comes in two different models, one packing 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, the other 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. The standard version is said to cost around 4,500 euros (£3800), so this is a pretty hefty luxury item. No word on what the performance version will set you back though.

I’d rather get another 45 inches for my money. Who wants to hold a 20 inch screen anyway?

Sticking with the 4K theme, Panasonic has also showed off its new Viewa WT600, a 65 inch 4k resolution TV, featuring HDMI 2.0. This makes it the first TV of this type to offer an external connector that is capable of handling 60 FPS at this resolution. However, since very few sources exist that can actually provide such a feed (and therefore have that connection on the hardware) there’s also a more traditional displayport 1.2a aswell.

The TV also bundles in smart functions, such as a flash enabled web browser, a touchpad controller and an onboard camera. It’s also WiFi enabled.

KitGuru Says: While it might have taken a long time for everyone to move from SD to HD resolutions, I think it’ll end up being a much quicker transition to 4k, simply because the idea of moving on with that sort of technology is more accepted now. Any of you sporting a 4K display yet?

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  • Armchairplum

    Well its all good for going to 4k screens but the problem is how close does one sit to a screen? I currently cannot see the individual square pixels on my 46 inch samsung tv when sitting at a normal viewing distance.
    See this article about it for why I think this way (no its not a plug merely an interesting read)

  • Zait

    When there are place in the world where even an LCD is missing from people’s house why even bother to think at 4K 🙁