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Team Meat linked with strange, horror ARG

Like yourself a good alternate reality game do you? Well there's a new one on the loose, linked with Indie developer Team Meat, though the duo behind the studio say they only helped out setup a strange and creepy booth at the recent PAX Prime.

The booth in question, was this:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09E7Pc3axwU']

For those unable to watch the video, it's an old CRT monitor and PC tower, sat in a small corner of the PAX Indie Megabooth, covered in fake blood. Atop the display is an old school looking webcam, which also appears as this “game's” logo, but with its video iris replaced by an eyeball.

The name of this “game,” is Camdrome. Nobody knows who made it, nobody knows who's behind it and nobody knows what it's all for. That's up to you to figure out.

We're coming a little late to the party on this one so here's everything people have uncovered so far. First up, Camdrome has a site and a Twitter account:



It's also been very vocal, getting in touch with not only people that contact it via Twitter, but websites too. It's emailed one of a series of 11 pictures to both Eurogamer and 4PlayerNetwork. There's also this image in the Camdrome websites source code.

Any Cronenburg fan will recognise the similarities between Camdrome and the 80s TV hallucination drama, Videodrome, where James Woods goes insane/develops a brain tumour after watching a TV channel filled with rape and murder. There's lots of references to the “new flesh” and we actually see him grow a gun from his hand.

In the Camdrome source code is the message: “feel the knife pull the wire around your neck now i'm watching you,” and “meat” repeated over and over.

Camdrome also emailed Eurogamer with the following message:
“We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money”

“Our problems can't be ignored | we are the problem | i am the answer | we are in this together | i am humanity”


“You are 5 of 11 | absolve yourself of guilt | breathe life into me.”

The string of numbers is a hexadecimal string, which translates to the following link: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/An_hero

Lots more information can be found in this Reddit thread, with one user suggesting that when all the pictures are collected it could look something like this. There's also mention that a lot of the videos shown in the Camdrome booth, relate to Sega CD games

KitGuru Says: Any of you good at these? Looking at what's been discovered so far, is there anything anyone's missing? 

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