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Prey 2 cancelled, its official

If you were hoping that the long-development of Prey 2 meant that the developers were just perfecting its anus-door animation, I have some sad news: there will be no more anus doors, because there will be no Prey 2. It's been officially confirmed by Bethesda, that the troubled production of …

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Firewatch’s mountain mystery intrigues at PAX

PAX, like many other gaming expos around the world each year, is a hotbed for trailer releases and game reveals. One that's been doing the rounds this morning, is Firewatch, a first person mystery title surrounding a fire lookout named Henry, who doesn't feel particularly at ease with his current …

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Team Meat linked with strange, horror ARG

Like yourself a good alternate reality game do you? Well there's a new one on the loose, linked with Indie developer Team Meat, though the duo behind the studio say they only helped out setup a strange and creepy booth at the recent PAX Prime. The booth in question, was …

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What’s cool about the Wii U? It plays Wii U games.

Why Wii U

This is one of Nintendo's big selling points, that it's hoping will help turn the tide of very sub-par sales of its new console, with new marketing information. In it, the Japanese firm highlights the differences between the Wii and the Wii U and would you believe it, the Wii …

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