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VAIO, Toshiba and Fujitsu to merge in to PC super group

It seems that Japan could have a new PC giant on the block as word has it that VAIO, Toshiba and Fujitsu are currently planning a huge merger in order to form a new PC-focussed company to rival the likes of Lenovo, the biggest PC maker operating in Japan. This …

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VAIO is releasing a Windows 10 phone

VAIO, the former Sony laptop maker is set to enter the smartphone market later this year with its own Windows 10 phone. This will be the very first smartphone to carry the VAIO brand name and from what we can see so far, it looks like a very nice phone. …

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Sony is closing its stores in Canada

Sony has announced that it will be closing down all of its stores in Canada within the next six to eight weeks. From now on, Sony will be selling and supporting its products through a series of authorized retailers and its own online store. Sony confirmed the cost cutting move …

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Vaio launches as independent PC company in Japan

Earlier this year Sony Corp. decided to sell off its money-losing Vaio personal computer business to Japan Industrial Partners, an investment fund. As expected, on the 1st of July Vaio Inc. began its operations as an independent PC company. Initially the firm will only operate in Japan, but it hopes …

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Thunderbolt tech to feature in Sony Vaio Hybrid PC

Sony are apparently working on a new Vaio PC which will include Intel’s Thunderbolt technology and compete directly against the Apple MacBook Air laptop. According to Sony Insider, the company are working on a notebook that ‘consists of two components’ and includes the Intel Thunderbolt technology, previously code named Light …

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Macbook Air 2010 a copy of the Vaio X505?

Apple have released the new Macbook Air, a striking new wedge design which features an ULV Intel processor. The only thing, this looks to be extremely similar to the Sony Vaio X505 released six years ago, in 2004. Steve Jobs said that the new MacBook Air is ‘the future of …

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