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Fire prone Samsung batteries caused a fire in its manufacturing plant

The facility at Samsung SDI which produced some of the batteries for the Note 7 smartphone that had difficulties with surprise combustion, has now itself caught fire. The factory blazed for a few hours, requiring 110 firefighters and 19 fire trucks to put out the flames as they raged at the Chinese facility.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was a complete failure in more ways than one, costing the company billions. Perhaps it's ironic justice then, that the handset that caused so many people's pockets, trousers and trucks to set on fire, has now caused the factory that made it do the same. The facility that produced the batteries, suffered a blaze due to a pile of discarded batteries.

The fire is said to have broken out in the waste depository (thanks Telegraph) but was said to be “minor,” and didn't impact production. Nobody was injured and no major manufacturing equipment was damaged. That said it did take a lot of manpower and equipment to put the fire out, so it can't have been that small a scale fire.

This won't go far in helping assuage concerns that Samsung SDI produced batteries have innate design flaws. It will be producing batteries for Samsung's upcoming S8 smartphone, so consumers may be especially wary considering its history.

However, Samsung claims that it has invested over $100 million in improving product safety and that there should be no risk of fire or explosion with its next-generation smartphones, even if they do use Samsung SDI batteries.

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KitGuru Says: Ironic justice or not, how has the entire Note 7 debacle affected your opinions of Samsung phones? Would you be wary of buying one in the future?

Image Source: Dhyanu Bhardwaj/Youtube

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