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ADATA executes memorable price cut on DDR3

While the economy is still recovering slowly, it’s not fast enough for the IT industry. As a result, we’re seeing some significant price drops on the kind of kit that everygeek needs – like 2x4GB of DDR3 1600MHz memory. KitGuru scans OcUK for details. For several years now, whether you …

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Haswell approach causes mass price cuts

With every new beginning, there comes an end. Just as Ivy Bridge slid into the Sandy Bridge space, so a new king will soon arrive – demanding the overthrow of the present regime. But with the glitzy new product range comes issues. Most notably for Intel and its partners, “What …

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nVidia slashes prices and takes fight to AMD

We love a bit of argy-bargy at KitGuru. There’s nothing quite like a couple of multi-billion dollar corporations slugging it out, toe-to-toe, for market share. Right now, it looks like the winner is going to be you, the KitGuru reader. For our American cousins, argy-bargy is where everyone gets very …

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Overclockers react quickly to AMD price drop

Yesterday, KitGuru carried the news that AMD was making some strong price moves. Naturally, these tend to be in dollars, so it’s always nice to see how they translate into local currency before we celebrate too much. Checking the latest postings in their forum, it looks like OcUK were quick …

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AMD slashes high end graphics prices

With some rocky sales results predicted for Q2 2012 and no Chief Sales Office in place, AMD has been looking to add stimulus for the (traditionally) quietest quarter of the year. KitGuru has its channel price movement ear to the ground and this is what we’ve heard from the herd. …

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