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Free edition of 3dmark 11 will be available

Futuremark have been creating leading PC benchmarks for many years and with the imminent release of 3dmark 11, news has just reached us that there will be a free edition available with unlimited runs.

Thanks to sponsorship from MSI – Futuremark can offer a free version of the benchmark with advertising placement – this isn’t a cut down version either, it offers unlimited runs to the user. Those of you old enough (like me) will remember 3dmark 01 and the Falcon Northwest ads. It seems to be a very similar principle – in that we will all end up subliminally wanting a new MSI motherboard by the time we finish benchmarking. Thank god I lived in Ireland or I would have bought a Falcon Northwest machine to try and get 2,000 more points in 3dmark01.

Right now Futuremark are keeping 3dmark 11 tests rather hush-hush, but more information will be fed to the press before the official release later this year.

KitGuru says: We would love a new DX11 version of the ‘Max Payne’ benchmark from 3dmark 01. How many times did you watch the pillars being shot while you tried to get another 100 points?

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