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Microsoft showcase ‘Kinect’ – motion gaming

Microsoft on Sunday gave press a sneak peak at a range of hot new titles to be released in the future. They also dubbed their own motion sensing  system “Kinect” – which people previously knew as “Project Natal”.

In a performance constructed by Cirque du Soleil Microsoft staged ‘enactments' of how games would be played. They presented driving simulations, in which the players moved their bodies to toss the car into cartwheels and a track and field tournament. The one which drew the most interest however was a Star Wars game with the player taking control of a Jedi Knight.

Microsoft remained rather tightlipped about game publishers for the Kinect platform however we have heard that many big names are already on board for a major push when it launches.

Microsoft are also due to release more information on Kinetic at the annual games convention which will compete for air time against Nintendo's upcoming 3D platform. Sony will also be trying to promote their Move motion-sensor.

Kinect is not targeted to hardcore gamers but more the massive audience who find using a controller confusing. You can operate Kinect with voice and motion commands.

KitGuru says: Motion sensing seems to be the target of all the major game companies now, but hey didn't Nintendo get here, ages ago?

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