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StarCraft 2 gets 5 star rating on KG gaming – on track for record sales

KitGuru has been covering StarCraft 2 news for the last couple of weeks, in what is assuredly one of the biggest games to be released in 2010. We were even at the crazy launch event in London days ago.

If you haven't seen our review of the game yet, then be sure to check it out on our gaming section over here. Our reviewer Terry Franklin has almost ran out of superlatives to describe this almost religious modern day gaming experience.

In his own words : “StarCraft 2 is assuredly a masterpiece, there is no other way to describe it. You can kiss days and weeks away of your life once you get into the game and while the gameplay itself hasn’t evolved much, this is a deliberate decision from Blizzard which we admire. Why should everything always be ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ to be good ?”

StarCraft was released by Blizzard over a decade ago and the sales figures have been staggering, with over 11 million copies of the game sold since it was released. People are STILL playing it, namely in South Korea, where it is not just a game, but more a way of life … a modern day cult phenomenon. With the more recent success of World Of Warcraft and the continual staffing demands many people wondered if Starcraft 2 would in fact even be released this year.

Well it seems as if the wait was worth it and we would love to hear your views if you are playing the game right now. It isn't often we get such a high caliber title on the PC platform, which is infested with run of the mill first person war game shooters.

KitGuru says: Analysts have guessed that StarCraft 2 will sell 7 million copies by the end of 2010, so we wonder if it will surpass the 11 million mark of its forefather!

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