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Activision reportedly buys MLG for $46 million

We recently heard that EA had set up its own eSports division internally to break into the pro gaming scene and get more involved with tournaments. Now, it looks like Activision is doing a similar thing, as the publisher has apparently bought Major League Gaming for $46 million. Activision has …

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Another pro gamer bites the dust

At least, in terms of staying with his current team, Evil Geniuses. This one doesn't involve the “toxic” gamers in League of Legends, but a Starcraft 2 pro player called Idra, real name Greg Fields. The reason behind his firing? He insulted fans and made as if he couldn't care …

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StarCraft II Launch Event – LONG Queues in London

If Blizzard sells through 4 million copies of a game at £35 each, then they will generate £140 million ($200m) for the channel in no time at all. Most of these copies will be sold online, indeed many have already been downloaded, awaiting activation. So would anyone actually turn up …

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Starcraft 2 Gallery and Concept artwork

With one of the most hotly awaited PC gamers ever to launch in the next day, we thought it would be a good idea to present a gallery to our regular KitGuru readers who have been hotly awaiting this title. Statistics in show that millions of people are still playing …

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