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Ex-Blizzard devs team up to create ‘the next great RTS’ game

Last week, Blizzard officially announced that it was done with StarCraft 2 content development. Now, several former Blizzard RTS veterans have left the studio behind, teaming up to build a new strategy-focused studio of their own. 

Frost Giant Studios has been announced this week with the aim of building “the next great PC real-time strategy game”.

Speaking with VentureBeat this week, Frost Giant CEO, Tim Morten, explained that he “knew that it was time” to leave Blizzard, as he was “in parallel exploring if it was possible to raise funding for a new RTS”.

Activision has been pushing Blizzard to create and release games more frequently in order to boost profits over the last two years and many believe that a new RTS simply wouldn't get the greenlight there anymore.

Specifics around Frost Giants' new RTS have not been shared yet but the team is full of veterans that have worked on great games in the past, including StarCraft 2, Command and Conquer, Wasteland 3, Warcraft 3, Diablo and more.

KitGuru Says: It will be interesting to see what comes of this, after all, there is plenty of room to grow in the RTS space and we've seen plenty of independent studios find success in the genre. 

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